Freedom, Books, Tea, and the Moon


Ah, summertime. The sweltering heat radiating my skin to a crispy redness, green grass tickling the spaces between my toes, and fully bloomed flowers wafting the air. No homework, e-mails, group projects, due dates, etc. Preparing to take a break in... Continue Reading →


Summer Reading Plans

Summer is here. Grass is being clipped outside my window, birds are chirping, the bees are needing to save the world. All is warm. We are rounding out our semester, and I'm feeling kind of bummed. I'm excited for the... Continue Reading →

Loose Ends #IMWAYR

  Lina is spending summer in Tuscany, Italy. Unfortunately so, because it wasn't really her choice to be there. It was her mother's dying wish that she get to know her father, absent for all sixteen years. Fast forward a few... Continue Reading →

Reading on a Full Moon #IMWAYR

It must be something about the full moon this week. I've forgotten everything, and lost all my bearings. As luck would have it, I left Love and Gelato behind when packing for vacation. Frustrating as it was, it left me open to... Continue Reading →

This Way Up #IMWAYR

Last week was one of those weeks. When you feel like you've got a list of a million things to do, no tiny detail may be overlooked, and you've forgotten which way is up. Familiar? So, in light of last week's absurdity,... Continue Reading →

Theodore Finch is on the edge. Literally. He's standing on the edge of the bell tower, considering all of the outcomes resulting from his potential splattered demise. Who knows what would have happened if he wasn't joined by the sad,... Continue Reading →

Book Lists

I love lists. I love books. Book lists are my perfect match. There are a ton of YA lists out there, and tons of different mash ups. These lists are my go-to in order to find things that I'm going... Continue Reading →

Let It Marinate #IMWAYR

For the first time in weeks, I have un-apologetically fallen for a book. Like soul-crushing, I-want-to-jump-inside-the-pages fallen for a book. I swear, I have the roughest book rebound after this one. Review: Mary Iris Malone's (Mim) family is completely deflated. Like... Continue Reading →

New Age-y

Social media and reading seem like two ends of an opposite spectrum. Upon researching the benefits of social media in the classroom, I was a bit reluctant. By "a bit", I mean, I was like, "pfft yeah right". However, I learned that... Continue Reading →

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